Our program runs year round with each session meeting once a week for six weeks. The classes are designed to enhance the players skills and proper technique while learning all the fundamentals of the game. If you are interested in joining us mid session, we do accept late registration as you are able to make up any class you miss.

Coach Kurtis and his staff will personally instruct the students in base-running, throwing, fielding, hitting, pitching, and catching of the ball, and live games. His classes are considered one of the finest in all San Diego County.

The players greatly develop their skills and confidence while enjoying a fun and rewarding time.

During the session on the fourth and sixth class the students will participate in a “live game”. It is amazing to see their continued progress each week as they gain great confidence and passion for the game.

From the true beginner to veterans, Coach Kurtis and his professional staff will make sure your child will receive the best training at all times.